IEC (I- INFORMATION, E- EDUCATION, C- COMMUNICATION) is a process of working with Individuals,     Communities and Societies to Develop Communication Strategies and to promote positive behaviours which are appropriate to     their setting.

  The College has a separate wing to promote its IEC package which is used to give health education during camps and research     surveys and to fulfil the academic requirements of the students, etc.

  • Identify and Analyze the need for IEC materials need.
  • Develop quality IEC material.
  • Bridge the gulf between knowledge and healthy practice.
  • Analyze the importance of various Health Education topics.
  • Generate the new variety of IEC material.
  • Inform and educate the people about their health and health related issues.
  • Communicate and disseminate about their health and health related issues.
  • Develop health consciousness among the people.
  • Develop Standardized and Validated IEC material.
  • Prepare and supply the cost effective, quality IEC material.
  • Enhance the professional development and safe practice.
  • We believe that IEC department will Serve and Support the ever changing health care strategies.
  • We recognize that IEC department will nurture the students learning needs.
  • We accept that the IEC activities will support the environment that fosters the health promotion and awareness among the   health care consumers.
  • To be recognized as a pioneer in preparing health relevant IEC material.
  • To be recognized as the preferred sources of health related IEC material in the state and across the country.
  • To be an efficient steward of the IEC department nationally.
  • Health Empowerment through IEC.

  • Puppets
  • Flash Cards
  • Flip Charts
  • Flannel Board
  • Schools of Nursing
  • Colleges of Nursing
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Nursing Clinics
  • Family
  • Industries
  • Individuals
  • Develop IEC material
  • Promote the accessibility to IEC material
  • Undertake and supply the IEC material
  • Work co-operatively with other departmental activities
  • Executing the National Level IEC projects collaborating with Government and other NGO’s

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